Good wind conditions allowed to complete the quarter finals, the sail off’s for rank 9 to 16 and start the semi finals.Racing was very competitive and the light wind conditions between 5 kt – 8 kt. Lees (GBR), Pirouelle (FRA), Galati (ITA) and Bendon (IRL) won their quarter finals and maintained their chance to win the titel of the Match Race Youth European Champion 2013.


Current Standings in the Semi Finals:

Lees (GBR) vs. Pirouelle (FRA) 1 : 1/4  *)

Galati (ITA) vs. Bendon (IRL) 1:1

*) Guillaume Pirouelle won match 1 but was deducted 3/4 points for a collision in match 2


Quarter Final Results:

Lees (GBR) wins over Földesi  (HUN) with 2:0
Galati (ITA) wins over Rönnberg (FIN) with 2:1
Pirouelle (FRA) wins over Trippolt (AUT) with 2:0
Bendon (IRL) wins over Martynov (RUS) with 2:0

Sail offs:

9. Klitte (SWE)
10. Plichta (POL)
11. Steinlein (GER)
12. Möckli (SUI)
13. Petrovic (CRO)
14. Wilkinson (GBR)
15. Schliemann (GER)
16. Ananina (RUS)

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